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As a dad who coached and followed two sons, I have traveled the highways and byways all over Central Illinois with youth sports teams for over 15 years. I decided to combine my two interests of photography and sports about 5 years ago. I realized that as time goes by the memories would fade of those "glory years" and I wanted to preserve them so we could enjoy them as my kids and I got older. The one thing I realized is that while I was taking all those pictures I was too worried about taking the picture and not just sitting there and enjoying the moment.

So now that my bleacher days are over my new "goal" is to help other parents and families capture those memories. Let me worry about remembering the camera and keeping those batteries charged.
Let me take the photo's and you relax and enjoy that moment. Then go home, relax and log on to
RDS Sports Images and smile all over again while you order your favorite memories from the days events.

Have a great season!